Mission Statement & Founder

Core Values

Mission Statement

Synergy Wellness Center supports the emotional, physical and spiritual health of personal and professional caregivers and all wellness seekers through traditional and holistic health offerings. 

Michelle Grasso

Owner, LMHC, Level II Reiki Practitioner

Michelle’s first career after graduating from Penn State was in Advertising in Los Angeles, where a close friend introduced her to Louise Hay’s, You Can Heal Your Life, which sparked Michelle’s spiritual journey. Despite being fascinated by advertising’s influence of people’s thoughts, Michelle sought more meaning in her work. After a few years in LA, Michelle backpacked through Europe, and upon returning to her home state of New York, moved to Massachusetts, obtained her MA in Counseling Psychology and joined the state’s Department of Children & Families as a Social Worker.

During graduate school, Michelle received Reiki during massages to manage stress, and these transformative treatments led her to receive Level I and II attunements. She joined a community of practitioners for monthly clinics, led by friend and spiritual mentor, Eliza Johnson, and in whose memory Synergy’s energy work offerings will encourage healing.

Michelle later joined Wayside Youth & Family Support Network, where for 19 years she managed multiple programs that provided services to families involved with DCF.  She was a Senior Manager, developed their customer service initiative, led legislative advocacy efforts, and planned agency wide wellness events. Her passion for keeping family and young people’s voices at the table, focusing on strengths, and emphasizing mindfulness in a high stress work environment were priorities until her departure in April 2018 to focus on opening Synergy.

Michelle’s desire to provide holistic services to personal and professional caregivers is an extension of her personal and professional life. Michelle is a wife to her loving husband, mom to her much adored grade school son, and daughter to her aging mother who recently moved to Massachusetts. Michelle loves to cook, garden, kayak, and she lives with her family and two cats in Westborough. She is grateful for the generosity and kindness of many family and friends who have helped fulfill her dream of opening a center for well being.


Synergy’s owner, Michelle Grasso, began working in the child welfare field in the mid 90’s, supporting families and young people who were involved with the Department of Children & Families to access services to strengthen parenting skills, heal children’s trauma, and preserve and reunify families.

As a Senior Manager at Wayside Youth & Family Support Network, a non-profit child and family services agency where she worked for the last 19 years, she spent the last five years devoted to improving the agency’s customer service and culture of wellness.

In the Fall of 2017, Michelle began envisioning the possibility of starting an entrepreneurial venture to offer mental health services to caregivers and those that they care for, and then expanded her vision to support the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of all personal and professional caregivers and wellness seekers.

Michelle’s deepest desire is to create a warm and welcoming space where individuals who are caring for others or themselves can boost their well-being through an array of offerings including counseling, yoga, meditation, massage therapy, acupuncture, energy healing, nutritional counseling, life coaching, essential oils, workshops, and helpful retail products. Through corporate offerings, Synergy will strengthen wellness in the workplace for companies and organizations that focus on caring for others. Thank you for sharing Synergy’s vision to bring peace and community to all those seeking health and wellness of mind, body and spirit.

Core Values

Synergy Wellness Center holds these core values as the deeply held beliefs that shape each of our staff’s interactions with every guest and with the community. They are the driving force that guides the holistic range of services we offer to personal and professional caregivers, and all individuals seeking to enhance health of mind, body and spirit.

1. A Culture of Wellness:
Your emotional, physical and spiritual health is our highest priority.  Synergy’s promotes a culture of mindfulness and well-being, and supports a balanced and healthy lifestyle for our guests and our staff.  We believe that all individuals want to improve their quality of life, and we work with you to remove the barriers so it more easily manifests for you.

2. High Quality Services:
Our experienced counseling, yoga, massage and energy healing staff offers you a warm, welcoming and respectful wellness experience.  Licensed clinicians support your path toward emotional wellness, and certified yoga instructors, licensed massage therapists and highly trained energy healers support your physical and spiritual wellness.  We strive to respond in a helpful and timely manner, and to create an inviting atmosphere designed to amplify your well-being.

 3. Integrity and Authenticity:
All of the services, practices and interactions at Synergy operate from a place of high ethical standards and sound business practices.  Our connections with guests are genuine, honest and dependable.  We promote an atmosphere of respect and sincerity, and reduce the stigma associated with seeking support.

4. Customized Offerings:
With a blend of services that includes traditional and holistic experiences to nurture mind, body and spirit, offerings can be customized to meet your individualized and corporate needs.  Our services are available a la carte by class or by appointment, in various packages, and can be taken “off-site” to business and community locations.

5. Friendly and Attentive Culture:
The staff team at Synergy creates an environment of positivity and excellence in customer service by providing a warm, welcoming and respectful wellness experience.

6. Accessible and Affordable:
Synergy Wellness Center is conveniently located in the center of quaint downtown Hudson, Massachusetts, near the intersection of Rt. 495 and Rt. 290, and there is plenty of parking available.   Our services are competitively priced to make them affordable to all who need them, and we work with a variety of insurance carriers for clinical services.   Many services are available in 30, 60 or 90- minute appointments to allow for maximum flexibility and accessibility.

7. Connected to Community:
We are committed to serving our local communities of personal and professional caregivers and all individuals seeking to enhance their wellness, including medical professionals, educators, social workers, foster parents, non-profit employees, first responders, and many others.  We partner with local organizations for community events, offer our space for meetings, and are committed to supporting well-being and kindness in Hudson and its surrounding communities.


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