Synergy’s COVID-19 Control Plan

The Synergy team has worked diligently to implement a safe reopening for our community and staff.  We are following state and federal guidelines, as well as protocols suggested by the various associations to which our professionals subscribe. Thank you for your loyalty during these unprecedented times, and we look forward to seeing you all soon.  

Here is what you can expect when you come to Synergy:

Social Distancing

  • Synergy staff, clients and students wear face coverings; massage, acupuncture and bodyworkers wear plastic face shield or goggles.
  • Waiting area seats are at least 6 feet apart
  • Office seating maintains at least 6 feet between client and clinician, and between staff who will stagger shifts
  • Floor markings establish waiting line to enter Synergy and restrooms
  • No shaking hands or physical contact between client and clinician
  • Intake forms are submitted online prior to appointments
  • Class size: 4 students, floor markings indicate 14 feet between mats and instructor
  • Maximum class duration: 1 hour, classes staggered at 30 minutes apart
  • Separate entry and entry doors to studio in Suite 403 (tape on rug to enter/exit)
  • Limited hands-on assists or other touching in classes
  • Liability waivers are resolved in Mindbody prior to class
  • Payment is touchless and through use of credit cards, tips are held aside till end of day
  • Front desk has plexiglass barrier between staff and clients
  • One-way entry and exit to and from third floor
  • No tours of the space, only instructors and registered students in the studio

Hygiene Protocols

  • Synergy staff washes hands before and between classes and appointments, and after handling credit cards or intake forms.  
  • Clients wash hands prior to appointments and classes
  • Staff opens door handles for clients and students
  • Hand sanitizer, facial tissues, disinfecting materials, and foot controlled lidded trash cans are available at entry and exit points and in all rooms
  • Provide disinfecting cleaning materials to clean mats after class, and tissues for studio
  • We suggest students bring as little as possible to class, all belongings remain in entry bins and on hooks
  • No use or rental of any props, students may bring props from home or purchase props
  • Lidded trash cans with foot pedals are placed in all rooms
  • Treatment rooms have air purifiers with HEPA filters to remove germs and viruses from the air
  • We have a hard-surfaced, nonporous chair for clients to put their clothes on
  • No blankets for acupuncture, massage or bodywork, and we invite patients and clients to bring socks. 
  • Massage and body work practitioners wear smocks and gloves that are changed between each client.
  • The building owner cleans bathrooms daily
  • Guest Services staff are welcome to bring their own laptops for their use

Staffing & Operations

  • Staff takes temperature on day of work or when arriving at work
  • Guest services or staff takes infrared touchless temperature of client’s forehead
  • Guest services or staff asks clients COVID-19 doorway screening checklist questions
  • Guest Services sanitizes door handles and frequently touched surfaces hourly
  • Advance class registration is required for all students
  • Increased time between massage appointments to 30 minutes
  • Intake paperwork received onsite will be placed in file bin for 3 day hold before filing

Cleaning & Disinfecting: 

Counseling, Life Coaching, Functional Medicine:

  • Clinician uses EPA approved disinfectant to clean all surfaces that client and clinician touched (furniture covers, handles, surfaces)
  • Opens window to air out the room if feasible
  • Handwashing protocol after disinfecting

Acupuncture, Massage & Bodywork: 

  • Undergo handwashing up to the elbows as client dresses, do not touch your face covering
  • Once client leaves, wash hands before and after removing face covering
  • Open windows to air out the room if feasible
  • Remove all table setup items; do not shake linens, fold linens in on themselves and place in lined, lidded hamper to minimize possibility of dispersing virus
  • Use EPA approved disinfectant to clean all surfaces that client and practitioner touched (vinyl table covers, vinyl pillow covers, face cradle, stool, bolsters, door handles, surfaces, electronics)
  • Repeat handwashing protocol and reset the table with clean linens
  • Bring clean change of clothes and shoes to wear home, putting work clothes and shoes in a closed bag

Yoga Studio:

  • Instructors use dry sweeper and then the BONA floor mop to clean the studio floor after each class.
  • Open windows to air out the studio during and after class
  • Handwashing protocol after disinfecting
  • Use disinfecting log in studio to document and/or escalate any identified unsafe conditions to Guest Services Staff or Owner

Guest Services: 

  • Guest Services staff uses EPA approved disinfectant to clean all surfaces that staff or visitors touched including:
    laptops, phones, printer, Clover register, pens, clipboards, door handles, chairs, hard surfaces, kitchen sink handles, refrigerator handle, remote controls etc.
  • Open windows to air out the office and reception area regularly
  • Handwashing protocol after disinfecting
  • Vacuum the three suites 2 times per week during quiet times