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Healthy workplaces matter for employees, and healthy employees matter for business. Synergy boasts a range of exceptional on site, virtual, off-site and hybrid services, programs and resources to meet your employee wellness and retreat needs. We aspire to meet the ever- evolving wellness needs of small, medium and large businesses throughout New England.

Workplace Wellness Matters

For Employees

In the world of Functional and Lifestyle Medicine, we look to lifestyle factors as drivers of health or disease. Health begins in the places where people work, live and play. Where we live impacts how we live. Since people spend half of their waking hours at work, the workplace is a major driving factor in the role it carries on people’s health.

For Employers

Investing in worksite wellness supports business’ bottom lines by increasing workers’ connection to the organization, enhancing productivity, morale, emotional health, retention, sense of connection and community, while also reducing healthcare spending, and preventing burnout and absenteeism. Your company’s wellness program conveys the values that you care about your employees and their wellbeing by “walking the talk”. 

For Communities

In October 2022, Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy stated “A healthy workforce is the foundation for thriving organizations and healthier communities… we have an opportunity and the power to make workplaces engines for mental health and well-being. It will require organizations to rethink how they protect workers from harm, foster a sense of connection among workers, show workers that they matter, make space for their lives outside work, and support their growth. It will be worth it, because the benefits will accrue for workers and organizations alike.”

Do You Know What Your Employees Need?

Synergy utilizes needs assessment tools to identify key areas of need as we collaborate with you to design employee wellness plans and retreats with clear goals, benchmarks and outcomes. Often top areas of need include employee culture, productivity, medical and other costs, and emotional health, such as stress management and resilience.

What Does Your Business Need?

A wellness program that works. Synergy partners with you to:

  • Collaborate with other programs your organization already has in place 
  • Identify your company’s wellness goals and create benchmarks
  • Develop a customized Action Plan
  • Evaluate progress
  • Complete assessments at conclusion of identified time span
  • Analyze data and communicate results

Workplace Wellness Programs

Customized wellness packages are designed WITH you to meet the unique needs of your organization and may include a la carte services or a combination of packaged offerings at your workplace or off site. Synergy’s workplace wellness programs consist of group and individual coaching, educational forums on health and wellness topics, health screenings, digital tracking, on site massage therapy, fitness challenges and wellness clubs. Your employees and organization will benefit from the expertise and compassion of our holistic health consultants and coaches, massage therapists, mental health practitioners and yoga and meditation instructors.


Assessment & Evaluation

Workplace and employee assessments provide critical data to evaluate the effectiveness of the program’s offerings.


Choose one Pre and Post Program Organizational or Employee Health Assessment to assess change and outcomes:

  • Workplace culture assessment
  • Individual wellness survey
  • Chronic condition and health survey
  • Surveys are anonymous to encourage participation

Biometric Screening

During our screening we obtain a clinical snapshot of one’s health by assessing key physical characteristics.


Screenings may indicate possible risk factors but should not be considered a substitute for regular healthcare provider visits. Our nurses assess the following at the beginning and completion of the program:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Waist to hip ratio
  • Blood pressure

    Digital Tracking

    Synergy partners with Practice Better as an online health and wellness solution for our programs, courses and group sessions.


    Practice Better also offers messaging, journaling, telehealth and a mobile app, all integrated into a single convenient and user-friendly platform. 

    Your employees may use this online health and wellness software to integrate with:

    • Fitbit Trackers
    • Apple Watch
    • HeartMath Appreciation Tool
    • MyFoodDiary
    • Oura Ring Sleep Tracker


    Group Coaching

    In person and online 4-8 week group coaching offers the benefits of learning with peers about the 7 Pillars of Wellness.


    Coaching groups are led with a clear purpose, concise content and structure, and are scalable to your organization’s size and need, with defined goals and expectations and shared accountability. Employees benefit from comradery as they work towards common goals and social benefits of support and trust within the group. Group coaching programs range from 4-8 weeks and are offered in person or virtually, with recordings provided for virtual classes. Ask us about these group coaching offerings:

    Holistic Health: 

    • Lifestyle Coaching for Behavior Change


    • Workplace Wellness Fitness


    • Foundations of Nutrition
    • Mindful Eating


    • Social Emotional Well Being & More


    • Achieve Work Life Balance


    • Sleep Hygiene 


    • Mindfulness & More

    Lunch & Learns

    In person and virtual and on demand educational forums cover a variety of health and wellness topics.

    • Lifestyle Medicine & the Pillars of Wellness
    • Mindfulness Meditation
    • Forest Mindfulness Walks
    • Beginner Yoga
    • Chair Yoga
    • Emotional Wellness Discussion Groups
    • Introduction to Essential Oils
    • Improve your Gut Health
    • Stay Healthy When Traveling
    • Movement Classes
    • Creativity as a Cornerstone of Well-being
    • Release Negative Stories & Bring Joy to Your Life
    • Strength Becomes You: Transform Doubts to Purpose
    • Managing Stress with Self Compassion
    • Healthy Gut Cooking Class
    • The Magic of Mindful Eating
    • Yoga & Ayurveda for the Nervous System
    • Calm Mind Calm Body – Stress Reduction Series
    • Putting the Pause in Menopause
    • Healthy Ergonomic Workspace


    Wellness Clubs

    People seek connection around shared interests at home and at work. Clubs meet in person or virtually and are supported by a Coach for 8-12 weeks.


    Wellness Clubs are an excellent way to continue to engage employees with the workplace and enhance their health and wellness after completing the group coaching program, with ongoing opportunities to move, breathe and unite around common goals. 

    Sample clubs include:

    • Walking Club
    • Healthy Eating Club
    • Mindfulness Meditation Club


    Fitness & Wellness Challenges

    Led by a Movement Coach, employees engage in fitness challenges that incentivize competition against their personal best.


    Based on your organization’s and employee’s needs, Coaches partner with you to implement interactive, engaging and measurable fitness and wellness challenges to boost physical and emotional fitness. Health focused challenges may also include water drinking challenges, healthy sleep, digital step, weight loss and get out in nature challenges.

    On Site Massage

    On site massage therapy reduces stress and enhances productivity, morale and wellbeing.


    Select from:

    • Chair
    • Swedish
    • Deep tissue
    • Myofascial Therapy
    • Sports
    • Reflexology
    • Thai Massage
    • Mind Body Integration Integrative
    • Positional Therapy


    Wellness Retreats

    We partner with you to develop individualized on or offsite retreats to achieve your employee and team goals.


    Full day, overnight or multi-day retreats are our specialty! As an addition to your Workplace Wellness Package, we partner with you to develop individualized retreats to achieve your employee and team goals, with locations available throughout New England, nationally and internationally. Organizations with fully remote teams may also enjoy one or two day virtual health focused retreats filled with online classes, workshops and education including programs such as:

    • Yoga and fitness classes
    • Meditation classes
    • Outdoor mindfulness
    • Healthy cooking classes
    • Nutrition education
    • Leadership coaching
    • Clarity and goal setting
    • Self-care and work/life balance
    • Workshops 

    Workplace Wellness Packages

    Employee wellness packages are available in 6 and 12 month options.

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