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Hypnosis is used to edit the programs of the subconscious and the limitations perceived by the conscious mind. We learn lessons from experiences that we turn into beliefs because we accept the lesson we took from the experiences as true. Many of these lessons that we learned were accepted before we developed the ability to understand what or why we were learning from others because we trusted them, regardless of them being right or for our greater good. Many of these beliefs were accepted and programmed into our subconscious and do not benefit us, and hypnosis allows us to release what we should not have accepted in the past, empowering us to accept beliefs that are only for our greatest good and well-being.


The Simpson Protocol is a method of accessing that part of the mind that can do the work, as the Hypnotist asks a series of identifying questions which lead to command suggestions to heal each symptom along with the root cause. We call this part of the mind the superconscious mind. After progressive relaxation and deepening techniques, the conscious mind is asked to step aside when ready, and give permission to the superconscious mind to access and better the subconscious mind. The result is the radical change in behavior and thinking that was desired, and all it takes is the choice to be ready and willing to make this change.

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